Waterproofing- Are all Electric Scooters Waterproofed

Waterproofing- Are all Electric Scooters Waterproofed?

As an everyday life solution, more and more people across Europe are looking for e-scooters. For them, it’s a practical solution that is fulfilling their mobility needs. It is a great means to avoid the car or the public transport use, but this dream of clean personal transport for everyday need has drawbacks, like the rain and therefore one must ensure to get a waterproof e-scooter which can sort out the concern.

The e-scooters with quality and waterproofing, go together, but these features might vary with brands and the models. So, choose one which can handle the real world in a better way.

Waterproof- Are all e-scooters the same?

In majority cases, the answer is no and even when the e-scooters are waterproof; the manufacturers advise riders for avoiding its use in rain. This leads the riders without a clear message as to when the e-scooter is safe for use, considering the weather conditions.

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How to measure waterproofness of the e-scooters? – IP ratings

To measure the waterproofing, Ingress Protection Standard is used. It gets published by International Electrotechnical Commission. It is like a standard for measuring as well as device measurement, to provide the vehicle objective rating for the protection that it was built-in. The high rating denotes high ingress protection.

The IP rating has 2-digits,

IP65, wherein first digit signifies the protection measure from the solid object’s intrusion (1-6) and the second is used for measuring the moisture protection (1-9).

Rating Moisture Protection- Definitions

x/o denotes not rated while 1 denotes protection from the falling droplets (condensation). 5 indicates protection from the directed water low-pressure jets. Irrespective of the angle and 9K denotes protection from the high pressure and temperature jet sprays or the wash-down or any other cleaning procedures using steam.

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What rating is needed for riding in the rain?

IP65 is recommended for having a safe everyday usage during the rainy season. Herein 5 indicates moisture protection, which is highly effective against water resistance. According to it, the scooter will be able to withstand and operate safely if there are splashes/low-pressure spray.

Does the warranty matter for e-scooters?

Warranty quality provided by the manufacturer should be given an eye on as the e-scooter might be testing to the certain standard but manufacturers, most of them, do not cover anything getting wrong with the vehicle. Like, a vehicle with IP65 rating might be good, but the warranty might just be covering the coverage during the dry weather. Sometimes even warning against rain/hazards (puddles) are provided. It clearly means that if the product gets affected other, then the said recommendations, the warranty becomes void no matter what best intentions the rating carried. So, ensure to look out for a warranty that is available in wet conditions, apart from looking for IP rating, which herein is IP65 as per the example. This would ensure better peace of the mind.

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Bottom Line

There are many lessons one can take from the above article, but the three key-lessons herein in regards to waterproofness of the e-scooter are- Look forward for IP ratings to have an objective measure, check the warranty offered by the manufacturer and whether it covers the water resistance in an adequate manner and finally consider the conditions which will be encountered while riding the e-scooter. Once done, make a pick, look for the specifications, make the payment and go out on a ride.


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